Our Work

Creative process and collaborative thinking to produce engaging design.

We engage with our clients to identify their needs, come up with solutions and help deliver them to the right customers. Design is more than creative work, it requires business thinking. We can help you achieve these goals and create longevity and value for your brand.

About Us

Design and Technology can create real life experiences.

Spotkolours is a passion project turned into a business reality. Owner and Director Gareth Campbell is an enthusiastic creative thinker, graffiti artist and entrepreneur. He started the company to fulfill his dream of fusing engaging design with progressive technological trends. Spotkolours is an agency that caters to clients with a wide range of creative needs..

Design is often an overlooked process. We offer plans to achieve design success as well as the steady hands to create it. We consider our clients’ needs and fuse them with the needs of their audience. At the centre of every good idea is good communication and we encourage ideas to flow freely between all stakeholders involved.

Our Services

We work with you to build a cohesive brand

We help develop brands with longevity and purpose. We help our clients reach their goals with our comprehensive understanding of both the Digital and Print design fields. We enjoy creating great user experience for all our projects and this is not just for the “user”, but also for the people we work with. We aim to add value by demonstrating it.

Sometimes talking to designers about your business needs can get a bit overwhelming. We have the experience and resources to break down each project and assist you in making the best decisions for you and your audience.

Each project has it’s own challenges

We can help take your vision and make it clearer.

Contact Us

E: Info@spotkolours.com

T: 0799899063

44 Harpford Avenue


Cape Town